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howlin doggs 2020

howling doggs 2020 

(actually i started playing around with this image/icon a few years ago. but i didn’t know what i was playing with. i just knew i found a cool keith haring/batman kinda image/icon.)

howling doggs 2020 is for the black lives matter movement. 

the doggs are barking out of both sides of their heads making them howling doggs. howlin doggs exhausted. worn out. exhausted from the lip service the ass brown lip stick wearing politicians having been serving up for centuries. centuries of ass brown lip service . . . with no change.

i am a 60 year old white man. i remain amazed by the xenophobia in this country. a country established with a history of white religious people committing genocide. genocide in every century they’ve been here. and to every color of people on earth. 

my paintings are painted “portraits” of the neglected. the neglected people. the neglected neighborhoods. the neighborhoods of the people with the LEAST. neighborhoods i’ve witnessed in big cities like boston, philly and nyc. people who can only be partly black because of white people entitlement keeping them down perpetually . . . for being black people. black people with permanent white people scars. 

and if you didn’t know, now you know, white people are entitled.

it’s ridiculous. a people is a people regardless of skin color. it’s so fucking primitive. 

how, in the 21st century, can we still live in the united states of white people?

(pink floyds’ album “animals” and particularly the song “dogs” resonate too)