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L1-L5 laminectomy 10/2021. post op infection, back in hospital for 4 days 11/2021. 

4+ months out i'm experiencing neuropathy down both legs into feet and toes. sharp pain left hip occasionally. achy lower back all the time. neurosurgeon says, and he says the same thing for my neck, call him when i can't take the pain anymore. doing anything preemptive surgically is too marginal and risky. 

it's march and i'm still stugglin gettin back into gear. activity aggravates my pain. i'm limited. hi my name is vince and i'm disabled. 

still getting headaches and experiencing neuropathy in right face, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, and fingers. 

working on paper and donated polystyrene. penicls, markers, water color crayons, and acrylic paints. it's going slow. 

oh, and occasionally my knee goes out. hasnt happen in long time. knee went out first week of march. knee is back in brace. brace for 24-72 hrs in the past has been enough for my knee to feel better. it's my left knee. pain anterior side of knee between knee cap and tibia. sharp extreme pain. when straightening leg out.