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5/2018 hemamilaminectomy and discectomy surgery C7-T1.

2019 neurosurgeon said i have failed surgery syndrome

the condensed, densed, version:

i havperipheral neuropathy with sensory and motor nerve damage. my right arm/hand is in partial paralysis. i get headaches from my incision area. totally dibilitating headaches that last 12-24 hours.

furthermore i have multipule lumbar and sacral issues. both legs get nerve pain shooting through my pelvis bone and down thigh. legs and feet, buzzing most of the time. L3, L4, and L5 are more sponge than bone. my lower back aches all the time. sciatic grabs as it does frequently. leg muscles cramp. toes and feet cramp. hands and fingers cramp. 

arthritis, not just on my spine. i am witnessing it grow in my hands. both hands. 

and i still have gi issues.

so my biomechanics are fubar too. 

i'm a structural mess. 

6/2021 cervical MRI and xrays. appointment with neurosurgeon. after putting off surgery for 2 years i'm going to let him cut this time! he told me 2 years ago i should have had surgery 20 years ago.